3D Model of Adelaide, Australia from Jan 2024

  • Resolution: 7.5cm
  • Accuracy: 25cm (RMSE)
  • Area: 476 sq km
  • Captured: Jan 2024

3D Model Formats & Outputs

  • Cesium 3D Tiles
  • FBX
  • OBJ

You can buy custom areas of this model through our 3D Store.

Capture & Processing

This 3D model has been generated using advanced aerial acquisition and photogrammetry techniques that extract accurate geometric information from aerial photographs. Extremely dense 3D point clouds are generated prior to being transformed into a fully-textured mesh object. To generate geographically accurate data, precise ground control points are integrated into our processing chain. Special care and quality control systems are implemented at all stages of the process.

Major Applications

  • Town planning
  • Construction & engineering
  • Transport and traffic management
  • Asset management
  • Tourism and event management
  • Risk and emergency management
  • Urban logistics

Adelaide Standard Resolution 2024

$13,200.00 (inc GST)


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Available area
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476 sq km
Jan 2024
Adelaide High Res 
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5.1 sq km
Nov 2019
Adelaide North Terrace High Res 
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1.7 sq km
Jan 2021
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9.2 sq km
Feb 2020
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580 sq km
Oct 2021
Brisbane High Res 
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3.2 sq km
Aug 2018

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