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Partner News | 1st May 2023

MetroMap has entered into its largest multi-year partner agreement with Landchecker - Melbourne-based property data & technology business providing customers with fast, accurate and easy-to-interpret insights, helping users make informed property decisions across Australia.

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Our Partner Network

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As a partner, we want you to be trusted solution providers for your customers - professional and successful. With our cutting-edge technology, and as a part of our Partner Program, we want to make sure you have the best possible tools to achieve that. You can bundle your services with MetroMap solutions to deliver complete geospatial insights to your customers. Become a reseller, and join us to offer the best spatial insights to those who can benefit from it.

Why Partner with MetroMap?

MetroMap is the leading choice for companies looking to provide accurate and meaningful insights using geospatial data. With a platform that is trusted by thousands of users, we believe in working together with partners to build the best solutions for customers. Organizations across Australia partner with MetroMap by developing solutions to expand their technology offerings, increase sales, and enable their clients to do amazing work with spatial data and insights. Gain access to a comprehensive GIS product family with a strong presence in GIS and web mapping

  • Strengthen your position within the industry
  • Stand out with our high resolution, accurate data & insights
  • Be flexible with deployment and create apps with improved user experience
  • Enhance your customer base, deepen client engagement, and open new revenue streams

MetroMap offers its partners and their customers

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High Resolution Spatial Data

We capture high resolution aerial imagery and LiDAR, which form the basis of our spatial datasets. With average resolutions of 5 - 7.5 cm pixels, the details you find in MetroMap imagery and derived data is much higher than frequently used free satellite imagery.

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Great Capture Frequency

Say goodbye, to old and outdated satellite images of sites that have evolved since that last capture. MetroMap offers up to 4 captures per year in metros and up to 2 captures in other major growth areas. Our wide coverage and historical archives make it the ideal tool for accurate change monitoring.


High Accuracy

The horizontal accuracy of MetroMap imagery is top of the range. Advanced colour balancing techniques and software ensure a radiometric seamless product with 2-pixel absolute accuracy. This enables pinpoint geolocation and confidence in measuring any line or area on the ground.

Join our vast partner network today

Speak to our Partnerships Team and learn more about how you can start harnessing the benefits of MetroMap's accurate spatial data to take your customer solutions to the next level.

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Key Partner Benefits

Becoming a Partner ensures delivering client solutions is quick, simple, and profitable.

  • Integrate easily with one of our MetroMap APIs and choose how to set up your integration
  • Gain exclusive insights into our product road map to help grow your business
  • Gain access to our Product Marketing, Development & Support Teams and collaborate with a dedicated Partner Manager
  • Be rewarded and earn commissions through our referral program with tiered incentives
  • Access co-marketing opportunities & resources for joint promotion and reach out to MetroMap's vast user base
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Our imagery is accessible through a range of partnership models

Our OEM partners are the most common form of partnerships we engage in. We include our datasets within our partner’s product offering, giving users access to our imagery within a bespoke industry-specific application. This is done post a thorough vetting process of our partners to ensure we’re working with the best solution providers, and those that align with our business ethos.

These partners help us spread the MetroMap benefit to end users through their networks. The actual pre-sales interactions and consultation is managed by the MetroMap team directly with the aim to offer them the ideal business solution.

The geospatial realm is ever-evolving, and we believe there is potential to develop a range of derived solutions and data insights from our high quality captures. While Aerometrex produces a range of these derived solutions, we work with industry experts for many others. This is of great benefit for our customers as well as to the geospatial fraternity.


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