Visualise and plan your network using accurate updated geospatial information

Why use MetroMap

  • Use detailed & accurate imagery to drive location insights and support resource allocation
  • Help engineers visualise your network assets and optimize performance
  • Link network attributes, such as drop-calls, congestion, data and roaming usage with location imagery & information

  • Utilize 2D and 3D aerial imagery data to plan asset placement for best network performance
  • Make accurate measurements from your desktop, including height, slope and view angles
  • View on-ground structures to plan deployment of wires, towers and new assets to integrate seamlessly with existing 3G & 4G networks

  • Identify fault locations and relay accurate details to on-site maintenance teams to reduce delays
  • Monitor obstructions to critical telecom assets such as lines and access points
  • Forecast accurately to ensure you meet future network demands

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Our solutions

Looking for 3D solutions?

We provide a range of textured 3D models of Australian capital cities available for purchase from our online store in your preferred format.


Interested in MetroMap 2D?

View our MetroMap 2D solution here


Wish to discuss a project-based custom solution?

Contact our Projects Team at Aerometrex! Project based data offers you flexible aerial capture anywhere in Australia or overseas.


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