Use geospatial data to answer critical questions linked to environmental change and disaster management right from planning through to response & recovery.

Why use MetroMap

  • Monitor coastal erosion to help plan for necessary intervention
  • Calculate change in urban tree canopy coverage and address urban heat island effect
  • Use near infrared imagery to assist in evaluation of vegetation vigour

  • Identify high-risk locations and evaluate the impact of future emergencies & disasters
  • Map critical facilities in high-risk zones, including infrastructure such as bridges, roads, hospitals, industrial units, etc.
  • Plan for necessary mitigation strategies to avoid potential hazards and minimize loss of value lives, environment and infrastructure
  • Analyse data to identify the combination of features that increase risks, for example topography & vegetation increasing fire risks

  • Where should fire stations and paramedic units be located for a certain response time that is expected?
  • What evacuation routes should be selected in case of an emergency? Are there any obstructions? Will the road networks handle the traffic?

  • Respond via the closest emergency units and fastest routes
  • Provide details to response units on assets such as hydrants, electrical panels, hazardous materials, etc.
  • Utilize simulations to predict the movement of the disaster and identify the best evacuation routes and shelter zones
  • Assess damage post-disaster using aerial imagery and prioritize recovery actions

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