MetroMap offers you access to wide-range, high quality aerial imagery at great accuracy. It allows you to work with sophisticated geospatial data in a simplistic manner, so you can use data the way you want to and make business decisions that matter.

Your window to high-quality accurate aerial mapping

Measurement tools at your fingertips

MetroMap allows you to accurately calculate distances and areas and save the information via layers or export them to a third-party GIS software using a .KML file.

Download imagery the way you want

Using the various download tools, you can obtain georeferenced, full resolution imagery of large areas for offline usage. These images can be downloaded in different coordinate systems and image formats

Study vegetation vigour with the help of Near Infrared Imagery

In addition to standard natural colour imagery, MetroMap offers near-infra-red (NIR) imagery coverages for several cities. NIR imagery is useful for all applications involving vegetation vigour such as management of parks and gardens, irrigation systems, agriculture and horticulture, as well as bushfire burn severity.

View Historical Data and assess change

MetroMap’s Swipe Tool allows you to view two datasets from different times, side by side, aiding change analysis.

The Power of Geoscape Data in MetroMap

MetroMap offers a powerful combination of imagery and structured Geoscape data that gives users high levels of detail. Geoscape data includes building footprints for all of Australia and detailed attributes, such as roof heights, complexity and materials, and the presence of solar panels and swimming pools, for over 11 million buildings in urban areas. Geoscape buildings data is linked with other datasets including the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF), and cadastral and administrative boundaries, enabling users to layer address or cadastral data relating to a building.

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2D Subscription Plans

Viewer Plan

  • Unlimited Data
  • Access to view & measure tools
  • Screenshot Tool (no geo-reference)
  • Single User

$55.00 per month

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Pro Plan

  • Unlimited Data
  • Access to all tools
  • Download high-res imagery
  • Access to Geoscape Cadastre (via web app)
  • Single User
  • Access to Geoscape Building Footprint (additional cost)

$165.00 per month

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Team Plan

  • Unlimited Data
  • Access to all tools
  • Download high-res imagery (multiple formats & projections)
  • Access to Geoscape Cadastre (via web app)
  • 5 Simultaneous Users
  • Access to Geoscape Building Footprint (additional cost)

$660.00 per month

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Enterprise Plan

  • Access to all tools
  • Download high-res imagery (multiple formats & projections)
  • Customise Data Limit
  • Customise No. of Users
  • Add-on Geoscape Layers (Cadastre & Building Footprints)
  • Add-on access to web-map services

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The Power of MetroMap Partnerships

MetroMap offers partners the opportunity to build their own applications around our base aerial imagery and derived datasets. As a partner, we want you to be trusted solution providers for your customers - professional and successful. With our cutting-edge technology, and as a part of our Partner Program, we make sure you have the best possible tools to achieve that. You can bundle your services with MetroMap solutions to deliver complete geospatial insights to your customers. Learn more about Partner opportunities here.

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Industries we work with...


Building & Construction

MetroMap aerial imagery lets construction industry professionals conduct remote site inspections, take accurate ground measurements, monitor project change, see detailed land and building information, and access years of historical imagery without ever leaving the office.


Engineering and Architecture

Use 2D and 3D spatial mapping to plan, build and maintain smarter infrastructure


Environment and Disaster Management

Use geospatial data to answer critical questions linked to environmental change and disaster management right from planning through to response & recovery.


Transport, Logistics and Traffic Management

Keep a close eye on a vast network of assets, whether its road, rail, bridge or others.



Access accurate spatial information to assist urban planning, asset management, community engagement and environmental management

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Insurance and Financial Services

Ensure faster but more accurate valuations based on detailed risk assessment of properties and assets using MetroMap imagery


Energy & Utilities

Integrate accurate base map imagery with other utility databases to aid operations, engineering design, planning and decision support


Property and Real Estate

Showcase your development assets the way they should – combine the power of visual imagery and data attributes to maximize perceived value



Visualise and plan your network using accurate updated geospatial information


Other solutions


Looking for 3D solutions?

We provide a range of textured 3D models of Australian capital cities available for purchase from our online store in your preferred format.


Interested in LiDAR?

Explore our LiDAR offering and the range of derived products that we can provide your business


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