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Metromap at a glance

MetroMap is an online aerial imagery subscription service provided by aerial survey and mapping company Aerometrex. Access MetroMap imagery directly from your browser on a user-friendly interface with tools to search for addresses, compare multiple dates, export imagery, navigate and take measurements.

For more specialised needs, MetroMap imagery can also be accessed using WMTS and can be used directly in the most common CAD and GIS platform available such as ESRI and MapInfo.

Quality imagery

Aerial imagery is captured using large format aerial camera systems. Capital cities are captured at 7.5cm resolution, regional areas are captured at various resolutions and near infrared channel is available on specific datasets.


3 pixel RMSE guaranteed horizontal accuracy.


Delivery is made 2-4 weeks after capture without compromising quality or accuracy.


Data can be accessed online via web browser, via WMS/WMTS or digital/physical copy. Extra mapping products. City-scale 3D models and digital elevation models are also available for purchase.


4 updates per year over capital cities

On demand service

If your area is not already covered, Metromap offers a flexible aerial capture service anywhere in Australia.

Historical data

Historical imagery as old as 1945 is available over Sydney and from 2002 over Adelaide.

Application features

Comparison tools let you evaluate aerial imagery, vertical measurement tools include line length of polyline and polygon, clip layers within polygons for email, export as KML for GIS software.

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Access Metromap products your way

MetroMap data plans come in a number of subscriptions which scale to suit your data needs and industry application, and within these, both the interface and the data available can be further customised to your needs.

Project based data is also available which offers flexible aerial capture anywhere in Australia.

Off-the-shelf products also include a range of textured 3D models of Australian capital cities available for purchase from our online store in your preferred format.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has MetroMap operated for?

MetroMap is a service provided by Australian owned and operated aerial mapping and survey company Aerometrex. The company has traded since the late 1970’s and specialises in aerial photogrammetry products and services.

What Camera Systems are used by MetroMap?

MetroMap uses large format camera imaging systems to produce high quality and spatially accurate imagery. The cameras utilized by MetroMap include the Ultracam series of aerial cameras produced by Vexcel Imaging GmbH which has over 20 years in photogrammetric and remote sensing expertise. We also use the Visionmap A3 Edge aerial cameras produced by Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, who have a wide-ranging business in defence, homeland security and commercial mapping applications. 

Does MetroMap only cover capital cities?

MetroMap is continually updating imagery captures over capital cities, but a large number of imagery captures on MetroMap are produced by project ‘on demand’ surveys or even by speculative captures over regional areas.

How do your data caps compare with others?

MetroMap offers very generous download quotas to our customers. We are flexible on this issue and we work with our clients to achieve the best possible result. We don’t charge our clients a surcharge for every breach of download limits because we understand some months are busier than others.

MetroMap has implemented a Fair Use Policy to cover minor breaches of download limits. In the event that downloads are consistently exceeded over a period of time we will negotiate a fee based on additional costs incurred.  We do not cut off access to MetroMap if data download limits are exceeded. 

What does seamless data mean?

Seamless imagery has the visual appearance of a single photo, even though it may be comprised of thousands of individual ortho-rectified frames.

Seamlessness is achieved by correct acquisition procedure with respect to time of day, sun angle, absence of cloud and cloud shadow, as well as correct processing procedure, including colour balance, geometric accuracy, seamlining and orthomosaicing.

Quality Control checking and correction is needed to ensure a seamless result. While 90% of the work is automated, no fully automatic method can produce a seamless result.

How accurate is your data?

The horizontal accuracy of MetroMap ortho photography is top of the range. The seamless ortho-mosaic product has been generated using a rigorous photogrammetric workflow to provide a high geometric accuracy. This enables repeat measurement over time, change detection and confidence in any type of point, line, or area measurement on the ground as compared to map coordinate systems and survey ground control.

Advanced colour balancing techniques and software ensure a radiometric seamless product.

Three and/or four-band imagery in 8bits or 16bits can be produced.

The data is free of any geometric and radiometric artefacts and has an absolute horizontal accuracy of 2 pixels RMSE.

Sydney June 1961 Sydney October 2018