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MetroMap's high-quality spatial data has been adopted and used by a range of industry leaders, many of whom have built custom solutions that address key customer requirements in their respective markets. These partners are a critical component to realising the MetroMap dream of making spatial data accessible to every business and individual that can benefit from it.

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Landchecker makes property information useful and accessible for professionals. The company’s web application and associated products provide users information and data driven insights efficiently, creating value. MetroMap is used as an important data layer to enhance their application experience for customers, which includes architects, property developers, valuers, town planners, conveyancers, real estate agents, builders, and astute property investors. Landchecker’s vision is to improve the Australian property industry, by creating and developing tools and digital processes for participants to work better, together.



Geoscape Australia, the trading name for PSMA Australia Ltd, is a critical collaborator, delivering spatial data to enable economic, social, and environmental outcomes across the economy. Their vision is achieved through a wide and sustained ecosystem of partnerships and collaboration. Geoscape is the digital Australia – a comprehensive representation of our built environment. It describes the addresses, land, buildings, and transport networks across Australia’s 7.6 million km2. We continuously source, process and deliver data to various endpoints, including APIs and a self-service portal.



Pylon helps solar installers design and quote solar systems in minutes. MetroMap imagery can be integrated with Pylon, offering solar installers high resolution imagery to design solar systems. Pylon's solar designs and proposals can be seamlessly integrated using a MetroMap API key, so you can enhance your customer proposals, convert more leads and grow your business.


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UACS Consulting specialises in urban analytics and complex systems, leveraging AI and cutting-edge technologies to improve urban planning, infrastructure and environmental management outcomes. They collaborate with Aerometrex’s MetroMap to offer an innovative solution for detecting asbestos-containing materials (ACM) using high-resolution aerial imagery. This collaboration has produced the Asbestos Roof Spatial Dataset, a comprehensive tool that pinpoints ACM roofs at a land parcel granularity. The dataset, available for various scales from local to national, includes spatial files and detailed property information. UACS's AI models, powered by MetroMap's imagery, enable ongoing monitoring and forecasting of ACM, supporting regulatory and safety initiatives at national and state levels.



Stash Property offers its members the ability to locate off-market and on-market opportunities to developed properties throughout Australia. Capturing rich property information including, Zoning, Last Sale Price, Property Rent, Sales History, Land Size, Integrated Calculators, StashProperty also integrates with CRM2Print, with a powerful letter template editor linked to direct mailing capabilities billed directly. Stash also allows users to create tags on properties, capture details, and set reminders for a specific time in the future to undertake an action. With the latest Aerial Mapping supported by MetroMap, members can view clear, crisp aerial imagery to assist in making decisions with powerful overlays such as contours, for sale listings, drawings plus Stashed properties.


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Search Commercial provides affordable access to essential real estate and property databases. It forms a strategic part of a wider digital transformation in the Australian Property industry. The company's services are an industry game-changer, providing results for a fraction of the cost and with reduced handling times. By streamlining various review practices, they provide a user-friendly platform to give users a wide variety of site filters and property data sets in one convenient application. MetroMap aerial imagery offers Search Commercial users a higher resolution and more recent view of properties, as the base map layer.



SolarPlus is a complete solar design software platform that helps businesses win more happy solar customers, save them time, and maximise their profits. Designed for solar installers and sales professionals, it simplifies the challenges of solar quoting, design, compliance and documentation to help more people switch on to clean renewable energy. MetroMap gives SolarPlus customers unlimited map data and is available bundled with SolarPlus for more reliable and higher resolution imagery at a great rate.  An optimal capture frequency ensures you have the most updated imagery for your quotes and you can view your potential solar installation sites with great colour-balanced imagery.



SunWiz provides strategic services to Australian solar businesses and governments. They help solar businesses be more profitable by providing strategic intelligence that informs their business decisions, tools that help them reach more customers and convert more sales, and services that help them fill in the gaps in project development. Their customers include most major PV manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and retailers. Many solar retailers and small installers use PVsell, a software designed by SunWiz to create a compelling sales proposal. Fast, accurate, and easy to use, it simplifies the complexity of calculating financial outcome from a solar investment, accounting for solar orientation tilt & shading; time-of-use tariffs, demand charges, tax, and finance.


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With the high-tech LARKI Platform, users can get fast and affordable high-resolution 3D spatial information for architectural design. Architects, Planners and Property Developers need not go onsite for measurements saving time & money. The LARKI Platform also has a 2D map which includes MetroMap high-resolution aerial imagery as an underlay to help with inspecting the site and measuring lengths and areas. Larki's partnership with MetroMap extends to our LiDAR datasets across Melbourne & Sydney offering a quick turn-around for 3D Point Cloud data within their platform.



Locatrix provides an emergency management solution, called PlanStudio, which is an easy-to-use app that provides users with the ability to mark up a building or structure and create spatially accurate floor plans and evacuation diagrams. MetroMap is utilised within PlanStudio to provide high-quality aerial imagery to users. Locatrix also provides other emergency management solutions known as PlanSafe and ESP (Emergency Services Platform).



Anditi is a pioneering data analytics company, specialising in extracting value from large scale geospatial information. Through a deep understanding of spatial and locational information and collaborations with like-minded industry partners, they are empowering data driven sectors such as environmental management, infrastructure and asset management to create more efficient, accurate and accessible solutions.


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Accessible via their market-leading map-based search platform, MetroMap offers Dye & Durham Terrain clients quick and easy access to high-resolution and high-precision imagery, whether it's historical or current. Access to high-resolution imagery helps these clients to view their projects and assets clearly without leaving the office. They are able to visualise the environment they are working in, saving them a significant amount of time and money and the historical content catalogues changes that have occurred to the site over time.

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