Take a deep dive into the swimming pool industry with MetroMap Insights

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency is key. Whether you're a pool safety inspector, a pool manufacturer or installer wanting to understand your market penetration or a pool maintenance professional, time spent manually identifying properties with swimming pools can be better allocated elsewhere.

Imagine skimming an entire city from the sky and instantly pinpointing every swimming pool within it. That's where MetroMap Insights comes in - offering a seamless, location-based approach that helps you quickly and easily identify residential properties with swimming pools within any designated area.

Access the insights you need, where you need them.

If your business is interested in recent swimming pool installs in your local area, across your state, Australia wide or the number of homes with pools that have been around for more than 10 years, then you need MetroMap Insights.

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Metromap Insights utilises cutting-edge artificial intelligence to extract swimming pool locations from up-to-date high-resolution imagery. This allows users to visually identify the extent of swimming pools within a specific region. Moreover, the product provides a comprehensive list of addresses accompanied by precise latitude and longitude coordinates.

By leveraging historical imagery, Metromap Insights goes a step further, enabling users to identify properties with older swimming pools, which is invaluable for safety inspections or targeted maintenance efforts.

Use Cases

Safety inspection: Pool safety inspectors can efficiently target properties with swimming pools for inspection, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Business analysis: Access swimming pool statistics to understand trends, and market penetration and inform marketing strategies.

Pool maintenance businesses: Identify potential customers for pool maintenance, cleaning, or renovation services, expanding your market reach and driving revenue growth.

Real-estate businesses: In a click, assess swimming pool presence and age, what is the swimming pool adoption rate in a suburb, and effectively market, price and advise clients on buying or selling properties.

Insurance businesses: Knowing which properties have swimming pools helps insurers adjust premiums accordingly.

Solar companies: Pools increase energy consumption, making them potential targets for solar energy solutions.

Detailed Address List

Never miss a swimming pool again!
Access our comprehensive CSV file that provides the addresses and GPS coordinates of every residential property with a pool within your chosen area, along with detailed information of each swimming pool.

Effortless pool detection and targeted inspection

By automating the identification process, Metromap Insights reduces or eliminates the need for manual inspection, saving valuable time and resources, enabling you to focus on your core tasks. Users can efficiently focus on properties with swimming pools, optimizing their inspection efforts by reducing unnecessary site visits.

Data-driven insights

Gain valuable statistics on pool adoption and distribution within specific areas, informing impactful business decisions.

Across Australia, the swimming pool industry faces numerous challenges, from manual processes and resource allocation issues to safety concerns and regulatory compliance. By integrating MetroMap Insights into your business practices, these challenges can be overcome by streamlining operations, providing valuable market insights, ensuring compliance and safety, and supporting innovation and sustainability.

MetroMap Insights is guiding the way professionals in the pool industry are accessing, quoting and executing their business going forward.


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