Online access to High-resolution aerial Imagery

Up to four updates per year

Accuracy guaranteed

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Access to imagery

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Based on Google maps API, we have developed a user-friendly interface for you to access Metromap imagery directly from your browser. A range of tools are available to navigate, take measurements and search for addresses. All google imagery background is also available.

Metromap imagery can also be accessed using WMTS for use directly into the most common GIS platform available such as ESRI, MapInfo.

Direct access from your browser
WMS link to use in third-party GIS
As a digital copy

Guaranteed accuracy

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Orthomosaics available throught Metromap have been acquired using large format aerial imaging systems and processed using high-end photogrammetry techniques to guarantee their accuracy. Imagery are acquired at 8cm ground sample distance in natural color (Red, Green, Blue).

These ortho-imagery are particularly suitable for spatial users in needing accurate measurements such as civil engineers, urban planner, cadastral surveyors.

Acquired and processed using large-format aerial imaging camera systems
Free of any geometric and radiometric distortions
8cm ground sample distance

Up-to-date imagery

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We are aiming at multiple annual updates of selected capital cities of Australia. Currently MetroMap is able to service online access to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Darwin.

Using the latest large-format aerial imaging cameras systems such as Visionmap A3 Edge and Microsoft/Vexcel UltraCam Eagle, we can acquire and process data in a very productive way and deliver imagery in a very short period of time after acquisition.

Up to four updates per year
Historical data available for selected cities
Fast processing and availability






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